December 16, 2012

Some Sounds of Mozambique

  • Freaking goats. All the time. They are loud and obnoxious and EVERYWHERE. Currently our neighbors have a goat that they tie to the tree that is between our front doors. The goat likes to go under our gate and sit in our yard and makes the LOUDEST noises. It also conveniently likes to make the most noise at 5 am. Lovely. I've been told that the goat will only be around until Christmas, when it will be killed and eaten for Christmas dinner. I promptly told my neighbors that I want to help kill it. Never thought I'd say that about a living thing, but that goat just gets under my skin.
  • Roosters. Almost as bad as the goats. They don't just make ridiculous amounts of noise in the morning, it is non-stop. And our fence does not keep them out of our yard, so conveniently enough they can make lots of noise from right outside my window. Excellent.
  • Blasting music. Mozambicans like their music, and they also like blaring it. Most of it is American music, and they probably don't realize that swear words are flying all over the place in the songs.
  • Children. Either crying, screaming, or playing.
  • Howling dogs. These were much more common in Namaacha. They would howl at 10 o'clock at night for at least an hour. It was lovely.
  • Rats/Bats. This is an occurrence in my new house. At night there is a crazy squeaking noise that comes from the ceiling, so I'm assuming it's either rats or bats and I have absolutely no idea what to do about it. I am terrified that they come into my room, so I just hide in my bed with my mosquito net tucked in and pretend not to hear it.
  • Flies. Buzzing around your head, in your ears, landing all over your body. It's especially bad right now because it's mango season. And though I absolutely love mangoes, I absolutely hate the flies.
  • Singing. Lots of times there will be church choirs that you can hear at like 10 at night, which is quite beautiful. There are also lots of people that just sing to themselves as they walk. I like it. :)


  1. I also lie awake in my mosquito net at night sometimes and just hope I tucked it in well enough...

  2. Make sure you try the goat meat, it is delicious and very healthy eating. Hint: goats love banana peels!! Rats, ukk, but bats are good; they eat hundreds of mosquitos every few minutes. You will adjust and probably hear none of the noise soon! Hang tough.

  3. I really enjoy that this content has its own blog post

  4. sounds like you need a white noise machine. Jamie

  5. The flies you are describing in this remind me of Iraq. I had my friend video me talking about how bad they were. I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!