December 31, 2012

Finally some pictures!

I thought it would be nice to put some pictures up for the facebookless to see.  I hope everyone has a great New Year!

Also, you all get to read this blog to get updates from me about my life here in Mozambique, but I don't know what's going on in most of your lives.  So you should email me and summarize the goings on of the past few months in America. :) (My email is listed under the 'Contact Me' section of this blog.)

After officially swearing in as Peace Corps Volunteers in Mozambique.  These are my two closest friends in Mozambique, Maggie (on the left) and Hannah (on the right).  They are wonderful, but both super far away from me. :(

The Catholic church in Messica.

My adorable neighbors.
Messica! Beautiful views. :)

One of our markets in Messica.

Manica Bread. :)
The town of Messica!
Example of a fully stocked stand in the market.  This is taken at the other market in Messica.

Some random guys at the market that wanted their picture taken.
Also,  this stand is where Sarah and I normally buy  our rice. :)

Messica is on a map! So exciting!


  1. "One of the markets in Messica." ONE OF??? Szasha and I are reading your blog and are SO JEALOUS OF YOUR VEGETABLES!!!

    1. Well to be fair, one market is mostly clothes and shoes and the other is mostly food. And our fruit selection is slim. But you guys need to come visit Sarah and I and see for yourselves! Miss you guys! Have a great time tonight!

  2. love the updates Anna!