April 26, 2013

Blog About Malaria Month

April is blog about malaria month, and yesterday April 25 was World Malaria Day.  I'm not sure if you guys remember this, but just last month I had malaria and I wrote a blog about it.

Here are some startling facts about malaria in Mozambique (Stomp Out Malaria):

  • Malaria is the leading cause of death in Mozambique.
  • Malaria accounts for 29% of deaths, and 42% of deaths among children under 5 years old in Mozambique.
  • 100% of Mozambique's population is at risk of malaria.

Many in Mozambique and throughout Africa are not so fortunate to have the immediate access to medicine and healthcare as I was a short month ago.  When they fall victim to malaria, it could very well be a death sentence.  Please visit Stomp Out Malaria and get educated on the efforts by Peace Corps to eradicate malaria in Africa.